What size should my shower niche be?

We often have customers ask us, “what size should my shower niche be?” While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to shower niches, there are a few general shower niche installation rules and considerations we can share with you.

Half the size of the wall (at least)

It can look odd when your shower niche is tiny compared to the size of your shower. As a general rule, we recommend installing a niche that’s at least half the width of your shower wall. For example, the average width of a shower in Australia is 914mm. If this is the case with your shower, we suggest getting a niche that’s at least 445mm.

In saying that, it’s not uncommon for people to install more than one niche in the shower and to position them in creative, interesting ways. In that case, you may choose different size niches.

A lot of people also choose to go for a really long niche. The wall-to-wall niche look is very practical and striking. It looks great with LED lighting too!

Tall enough to fit bottles (and pump them!)

When it comes to the height of your shower niche, we advise customers to consider the size of the products they plan on storing there. Measure the height of your shampoo and body wash bottles to ensure they’ll fit. If you use pump bottles, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space to reach a hand in and pump them too.

Ideal height (for most people)

As a rule of thumb, the best height to install a shower niche is 1200mm from the floor. This puts your shower products at just the right height to grab and use easily. You may choose to adjust this measurement, however, if your family members are particularly tall or short.

If your shower is over a bathtub, install the niche lower down so you ‘re still able to reach it from the bath.

We also have people ask about shower niches for ease of shaving your legs. You can add a smaller shower niche lower down in the shower as a handy ledge to rest your foot on when you’re shaving in the shower. The Niche Man supplies a 200 x 200mm foot niche, ideal to rest your foot on.

Check out our tips on what to consider when planning your shower niche – and get in touch with our team if you have questions!

Why choose a Niche Man Shower Niche?


  • Custom Built to the size YOU want


  • Design your own Shape & Size


  • 100% Waterproof & Ready to Tile


  • No Membrane required


  • Made from durable lightweight polyurethane high-density rigid panel


  • Mould & Fungus resistant


  • Ideal for bathrooms, outdoor shower area, steam rooms, saunas, outdoor pool and spa areas

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