Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a shower niche and a shower recess?

A shower niche is a recessed shelf located in the cavity of a shower wall, that is finished and waterproof. It is used to hold shampoo, soap, bodywash etc.

A shower recess is the base and walls surrounding a shower.

What is the front reveal?

The front reveal on the shower niche is the front lip, in which all screwing/fixing is done through.

NOTE.. DO NOT screw through side walls of shower niche. ! This can encourage unwelcome leakage problems in niche.

Do I need insulation around the shower niche?

No, The Niche Man shower niches are made from a high density, closed cell, polyurethane panel which has it’s own insulating properties.

Do I need a lintel about my shower niche?

Yes. A lintel is always required above the shower niche, ven if you have solid brick walls. The niche man shower niches are NOT load bearing.

Can a Niche Man shower niche be tiled on straight away?

Yes, all of the Niche Man shower niches are delivered ready to install and tile straight away, no extra waterproofing required.

What is the difference between a shower niche and a shower caddy?

A shower caddy is bought from a retailer and hangs over your shower head or tap ware. They are ugly, unstable and can rust.

Do I have to be a qualified tradesman to install a Niche Man shower or bathroom niche?

Not at all! The Niche Man provides comprehensive instructions and videos.

What is the Niche Man shower niche made from?

The Niche Man shower niche or shower recess are made from 100% waterproof, high density, closed cell polyurethane panel.

Can the Niche Man shower niche, bathroom niche or outdoor niche be painted?

Only the outdoor niches. All wet area niches must be tiled to comply with building regulations.

Can I installed LED lighting in my Niche Man shower niche?

Yes, we can supply the LED strip lighting, aluminum channel, and LED driver for your shower niche. However, Installation of you Led strip lighting and driver MUST BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN.

Does the Niche Man make foot niches in to rest your foot in whilst shaving?

Yes! The Niche Man supply a 200 x 200mm foot niche, ideal to rest your foot in.

How do I get my Niche Man shower, bathroom or outdoor niche?

Simply order online through our website or call us on 1300 308 886 

Can I install a shower niche in to a very small bathroom?

The Niche Man design long rectangular shower niches which can have one or multiple glass shelving in them for storing your shampoo bottles, bodywash, razors etc.

At what stage of building of renovating does The Niche Man shower niche or bathroom need to be installed?

The Niche man recommends the shower niche or shower recess be installed at the time when the bathroom or shower is being lined with Villa board or Water Resistant plaster.

What kind of glue do I use to install my Niche Man shower or bathroom niche?

Polyurethane adhesive or Polyurethane sealant must be used to install your shower niche, bathroom or outdoor niche.

Can I install a shower niche or shower recess straight into my solid brick wall?

Yes. The Niche Man shower niche slots straight into the pre prepared brick wall cavity.

What is the recommended size or most common shower niche size to install in my shower?

The Niche Man recommends any size! As the Niche Man custom build all their niches to their customers requirements ie. tile size, shampoo and body wash bottle size.

Does The Niche Man deliver shower niches internationally?

At this stage we don’t deliver niches worldwide, we only deliver Australia wide… but watch this space!

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