How to measure up your niche

How to measure up your niche

Ready to purchase your Niche Man shower niche? Excellent! We know you’re going to love working with this game-changing product.

Before placing your order with us, measure up your space to determine what size niche you need. (If you’re wondering… yes, there are some general rules about what size and height your niche should be at.)

Whether you’re in the market for a standard-sized shower niche or a custom-made niche, ensuring you order the right size will make the job of installing it much easier.

Here’s the lowdown on how to measure up your niche.

External measurements: between stud and noggins

Begin by getting your external measurements.

  1. Length – Hold your measuring tape parallel to the stud and to the noggin. Deduct 5mm from measurement is for easy slide in and adhesive. This allowance ensures that the niche will be level. For example, if the distance between studs is 605mm, your external niche measurement will be 600mm.
  2. Height – Repeat the process to measure the height of the niche. Ensure that you hold the measuring tape parallel to the stud – don’t measure on an angle.
  3. Depth – While most homes use a 90mm stud, it’s worth confirming the depth as you could be working with 75mm or a brick course which is 110mm deep. You don’t need to add the extra 5mm to the depth measurement.

Planning for the front reveal

There’s a 30mm “frame” or “lip” around the front edge of your shower niche. This is where all the screws are fixed during installation, and can be adjusted to suit what you’re using to line your bathroom walls with. For example:

  • Villaboard 6mm
  • Water Resistant Plasterboard 10mm
  • Rendered brickwork 10-15mm

You can specify your front reveal needs when requesting a quote.

Internal measurements: inside the niche

The internal measurements of a niche are different to the external measurements mentioned above. Here’s how you can get the internal measurements:

These internal niche measurements may help you plan for the size of products you’ll place in the niche, or more effectively plan your tiling and styling.

Why The Niche Man?

As you’ve probably gathered, The Niche Man niches are extremely easy to work with. Lots of builders trust our products because they’re:

  • Custom built to size – so you can design your own shape and size
  • 100% waterproof and ready to tile
  • Square and primed
  • Made from durable lightweight Polyurethane high density rigid panel
  • Mould and fungus resistant
  • Ideal for Steam rooms, Saunas, outdoor pool and spa areas.

All measured up? Great! Now you’re ready to Request a Quote.

If you have any other questions about your shower niche order, please feel free to contact us today.

Why choose a Niche Man Shower Niche?


  • Custom Built to the size YOU want


  • Design your own Shape & Size


  • 100% Waterproof & Ready to Tile


  • No Membrane required


  • Made from durable lightweight polyurethane high-density rigid panel


  • Mould & Fungus resistant


  • Ideal for bathrooms, outdoor shower area, steam rooms, saunas, outdoor pool and spa areas

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