Our favourite niches from The Block

You can imagine as we’ve been eagerly absorbing The Block 2020 bathroom reveals, our eyes have been drawn to one main element – the shower niches.

With each team renovating four bathrooms each, it’s amazing that almost ALL bathrooms have featured at least one niche. Many have two. One has THREE!

This excites us at The Niche Man, as it indicates that shower niches are becoming a MUST for the bathroom. We were even fortunate enough to supply some of the teams with one of our niche products. We could talk all day about The Block bathrooms, but for now we’ll just list our top five niches from The Block 2020!

1. Luke and Jasmin’s studio bathroom

The Niche Man team jumps at the chance to create custom shapes and sizes for our customers. That’s why we love how Luke and Jasmin requested an arch niche for their studio bathroom. Being the only team to use a creative niche shape, this one takes the win for us!

We added the gold edging for them, and from there it was simple for them to install and tile over. Despite the team’s unfortunate waterproofing issues, we think their bathroom turned out beautiful. Well done Luke and Jasmin.

2. Harry and Tash’s master ensuite

When it comes to handy shower shelves, this bathroom believes the more the merrier! Harry and Tash used an impressive THREE shower niches to create a stunning LED lit extravaganza in their master ensuite. The forest green tiling is a beautiful feature, and who wouldn’t want to jump into that gorgeous bathtub?

The three niches may seem like overkill, but we think it comes off well, offering plenty of opportunity to store bathroom products with the LED lighting adding soft, ambient lighting.

3. Jimmy and Tam’s master ensuite

Pastel pink may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly a bold design choice for a bathroom. Jimmy and Tam installed symmetrical rectangular shower niches in their master ensuite (perhaps hinting at a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ side?).

The gold edging and LED lighting further draws the eye to the niches, making them a great feature of this bright, colourful space.

4. Luke and Jasmin’s master ensuite

Luke and Jasmin installed two niches in their master ensuite, and get extra points from us for being the only team to have a niche above the bath. We also can’t go past that standout “avocado bath”.

LED lighting also features in these bathroom niches, adding a lovely warmth to the bathroom.

5. Sarah and George’s guest ensuite

The judges were very impressed with Sarah and George’s guest ensuite, boasting luxury and 1940s glamour. We have to agree! We love the wall-to-wall shower niche they’ve included in their shower, which is set off by those lovely pink tiles. With a long niche like this you have ample space to store your shower products, plus it adds to the sense of spaciousness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s niche feast! There have been some stunning uses of shower niches on The Block 2020, further cementing their rightful place as a bathroom necessity in the 21st century – despite this season’s focus on harking back to bygone eras.

Check out our blog or @thenicheman_inspo on Instagram for more niche inspiration, or get in touch to see how we can help you create a spectacular niche for your own bathroom build or renovation.

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