7 things to consider when planning a shower niche

The Niche Man Bathroom shower niche recess

Planning a shower niche in your bathroom build or renovation this year? Before you get started, take a minute to give it some careful thought. While it’s important to consider technical details like how to keep your shower niche waterproof, your bathroom and shower design should take aesthetics and functionality into account too. After all, the shower niche is a key design feature of any bathroom space.

Here are some things to think about when planning your shower niche install.

1. Choose the right wall

Think about where your shower head is going to be positioned, and ensure it’s not going to shoot water right at the shower niche. No one wants water spurting into their eyes during a shower! Installing the shower niche on the right wall is an important consideration to stop this from happening.

2. Check for pipes and wires in the wall

A shower niche can’t be installed in front of water pipes or electrical wires. Your builder will be able to check where the pipes and wires fall in your bathroom walls, and let you know what’s possible. If you’re installing a niche yourself, a stud finder can help you check where wires and pipes are located behind the wall so you can avoid them.

3. Install at the right height

As a rule of thumb, the best height to install a shower niche is 1200mm from the floor. This will put your shampoo bottles and shower products at just the right height to grab and use easily. If your shower is over a bathtub, it will be more convenient to install the niche lower down so you can reach it from the bath.

4. Consider additional lighting

As we saw on the latest season of The Block, shower niches are all about LED lighting right now! Think about the benefits of adding LED lighting strips to your shower niche. They’re a great feature and add beautiful ambience to any bathroom.

The Niche Man can provide LED lighting strips to fit your shower niche, even for custom shapes and sizes.

5. Think about the size of your shower niche

Consider what products you plan to store in your shower niche. Some off-the-shelf shower niche products aren’t tall enough to fit large pump bottles (let alone allowing you to slide a hand in to pump them!). If you like to buy bathroom products in bulk, you may need a taller niche size.

6. Select from vertical or horizontal

Horizontal niches are certainly most popular, however at The Niche Man we’re loving the trend of people installing vertical niches with glass shelving. This provides additional shelf space to store products, and is a great option for many showers.

7. Style your niche to match your bathroom aesthetic

The finish and the shape of your shower niche will add to your overall bathroom aesthetic. Keeping in mind the size of your niche is in proportion to the size of your shower, shower niches can come in many shapes and sizes.

The Niche Man can create a custom shower niche to suit your style or theme. Our niches also come in a range of pre-finishes such as glass or metal.

Shop our standard sizing online now, or request a quote for one of our stunning custom niches.

We’re here to answer your shower niche installation questions! Get in touch – we’d love to have a chat to you about your bathroom project.

Why choose a Niche Man Shower Niche?


  • Custom Built to the size YOU want


  • Design your own Shape & Size


  • 100% Waterproof & Ready to Tile


  • No Membrane required


  • Made from durable lightweight polyurethane high-density rigid panel


  • Mould & Fungus resistant


  • Ideal for bathrooms, outdoor shower area, steam rooms, saunas, outdoor pool and spa areas

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