Proudly Australian Made and Manufactured

Custom Built Shower and Bathroom Niches

100% Waterproof and Ready to Tile

Tile Over Niche

Custom Built Shower Niches

Any size   Any shape

Metallico Metal Niche

 The Niche Man Metal Shower Niche Bath Niche Bathroom shelf

Prefinished Metal Niches

Combine Style with Functionality 

Luxx Glass Niche

Prefinished Glass Niches

For that Luxury feel in your Bathroom

Why choose The Niche Man for Custom Made Shower Niches?

  • Made from 100% waterproof, high density, closed cell polyurethane panel.
  • 100% Australian made and manufactured.
  • Pre-primed and ready to install.
  • All niches are finished perfectly square for quick and easy mitering.
  • Custom made to exact specifications required.
  • Delivered ready to install
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