Specifications and Terms and Conditions

Specifications and Terms and Conditions

Technical Data

What are niches  made from?
The Niche Man niches are made from a high-density, polyurethane composite rigid panel.
It has closed cell composition which makes it 100% waterproof, lightweight and insulating.

SHEET SIZE Thickness Weigh per square meter
Back of niche 8mm 1.81kg
Side of niche 12mm 12.50kg


Reference Result
Closed cell Content 95%
Cell structure Fine & Even
Water Permeability Dry-Pass
Freeze-Thaw Pass
Soak-Dry Pass
Warm water Pass
Mechanical & Physical Pass
AS/NZS 29082.2:2000 CSIRO tech asses 312


Density ASTM C 271-94 210kg/m3 +/- 10%
Tensile strength ASTM C 297-94 2.9MPa
Compression strength ASTM D 1621-94 2.7MPa
Compressive modulus ASTM D 1621-94 105 Mpa
Shear Strength ISO 1922 :2001(E) 1629 kPa
Shear modulus ISO 1922 :2001(E) 13920 kPa
Flexural modulus at 100mm flex 120330 kPa
ASTM D790 at 50mm flex 64035 kPa


Reference Sample Result
AS/NZS 15, 0, 0, 4
CSIRO Report NO. FNE 8562

Mean extent of burning                   4mm
Mean extinguishing time                 3 seconds
Mean rate of burn                             Self-extinguishing

The Panel fire retarded foam system is tested to BS 4735/ISO3582 standards specified by LNG plant constructors and operators globally. Test results indicate low mean extent of burning, short mean extinguishing and low rates of burning.
The Polyurethane panel technology is being produced with an added fire retardant. This unique blend of fire retardant additives contains no leachable Halides. This additive works by promoting charring when the foam is exposed to a source of ignition and starving the fire of oxygen. The additive is a non-corrosive and is specially formulated for applications where foam can be in contact with metal surfaces in areas of high humidity.

Panel is not a sound deadening material however it has noise reduction of 15-20 decibels insertion loss.

BCA 2005 Vol 1: Class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 & amp; 9.
The panel used in all Wet Areas meets the standards AS3740, AS4654.

The panel (Multipanel) used in the construction of The Niche Man shower niches has gained accreditation from the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) for internal Waterproofing System.

The 8mm & 12mm panel sheet is used in the construction of the niche. This product meets the waterproofing of internal wet areas performance requirements of AS3740 therefor eliminating the need for a liquid membrane, which speeds up overall build time.
Panel is not considered harmful by Worksafe Victoria, however eye, ear & mouth protection should always be worn whenever cutting or sanding panel.

In some cases, there may be tolerances and standard deviations specific to a test which has not been published above.
It is important The Niche Man Niches are always installed in accordance with the most recent install guide or information from the company.

Terms and Conditions


The Niche Man warrants the niche product only for period of 12 months from the date of purchase, that it will be free from defects due to faulty manufacturing and will be resistant to cracking, water penetration.


The warranty is strictly subject to the following conditions.

a. The product must be installed in accordance to the The Niche Man’s attached to product leaflet current at the time of installation.

b. The Niche Man will not be liable for, and will not accept any breach of warranty claims, unless the claimant provides proof of purchase within 30days of the alleged defect becoming apparent.

c. Under no circumstance is the warrant transferrable.

d. The Niche Man will not be liable for defects arising from materials not supplied by The Niche Man, or the use of goods by a person in a manner not consistent with the recommendations made by The Niche Man.

e. A claimant’s sole remedy for breach of Warranty is (at company’s opinion) that The Niche Man will repair or replace the defect, pay the cost of the replacement or rectification of the affected product, or supply replacement product.

f. Under no circumstances will The Niche Man be liable for any damages or losses to property, damage and personal injury, economic loss or loss of profits, arising from contract or negligence or howsoever arising. Without limiting the forgoing, The Niche Man will not be liable for any claim, damages or defects arising or in any way attributable to poor or defective workmanship, poor design and detailing, defective materials, structural movement and/or movement of materials to which the product is attached to, acts of God including but not limiting to severe weather conditions or unusual climate conditions, normal wear and tear, or growth of any organism on the product.


The recommendations in this literature are based on good building practise, but is not an exhaustive statement of all relevant information as the successful performance of the Niche depends on factors outside the control of The Niche Man, for example the quality of workmanship and design.